[10/3/16] SDSU Pre-Dental Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone!

Thank you to those who attended yesterday’s meeting! Hope you guys gained perspective on the different types of professions in the dental field.

So let’s dive into the information given in this meeting!

Okay, so to be considered an active member you must:
Attend 3 community service events, 5 events if you are unable to attend meetings.

Pay dues: $15 for returning members, $20 for new members due on October 31st.
T-shirts will be available for purchase soon and can be purchased during meetings from Marhou Malekan.

Niveen has 2 trips planned for this semester!
October 28th USC Fight or Flight

November 18th UCLA School Tour
A third trip will be planned and we still need to see what time works best for everyone so please fill out the doodle.


ASDA at Western Dental School Opportunity: Dental Wax up Workshop!
Saturday, November 5th Session 1: 8:30-11:30 AM, Session 2: 12:30-3:30 AM
Space is limited. Deadline to register is October 21st.
Counts as a club event if you attend!


Volunteer Opportunities:

We have the same volunteer opportunities as before, so here you go!

-San Diego Food Bank- Every Friday shifts from 9-12 PM, 1-4 PM, and 6-8 PM
-Aids and HIV Walk- September 24th Flexible Dates
-Breast Cancer Wall-October 16th- Shifts starting at 5 AM

Cord Points: Process for how an SDSU student with a declared sciences major/minor can start accumulating cord points:

1. Be sure to check the calendar posted on the CSSC main website, as all service event listed on the calendar are approved for cord points. Website is cssc.sdsu.edu, please note that this website cannot be reached simply by googling “cssc sdsu”. As of right now, the calendar is being finalized and will soon be uploaded onto the site, accessible under the tab “Calendar of Events.”

For the time being, we can stick with the community service opportunities offered by the Pre-Dental Club (or any other club, feel free to double-check with me to see if the event is approved for cord points.) The service events offered by PDC will be featured on the CSSC calendar once it is up.

2. After completing your shift at the service event, proceed to fill out a CSSC Cord Point form. For the Description field, briefly list what the event was and your duties as a service volunteer. Lastly, for the signature field, have your Club President, Club VP of Service, or the supervisor of the event sign you off with a simple Name, Date, and Signature.

Note: This cord point form can also be found in the “Forms” category of your College of Sciences Homeroom under your Blackboard page.

Reminder: Every 2 hours of an approved service event equates to 1 cord point. After successfully accumulating 30 cord points, you will be awarded a CSSC Graduation Cord.

3. Finally, please submit the form to me at either the CSSC Weekly Meetings (Wed, 1-2PM, 3rd Floor Union, Council Chambers) or at the bi-weekly Pre-Dental Club meetings (Mon, 4:30-5:30, 4th Floor Calpulli).
If you are unable to attend these meetings, please contact Andy at atang@sdsu.edu and a different time will be set up based on availability. Also, if you see Andy on campus, feel free to ask him any questions or turn in your completed forms.

I have attached the meeting’s PowerPoint slides and forms.

Reminder that meetings are held biweekly in the Calpulli Center, fourth floor, conference room 3. If you have any question feel free to contact us.

Alright guys, that’s it for now!


Yoseline Vidrio
SDSU Pre-dental Organization

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