[01/30/17] SDSU Pre-Dental Meeting Minutes

Hello Everyone!

Welcome again to the Spring 2017 semester! Today was  first meeting, thank you to those who have attended the meeting!  Our meetings will be held bi-weekly on the third floor in the Visionary Suite.

We are all very excited for this semester! Just like this semesterin order to be considered an active member you must:

  • Attend 3 community service events, 5 events if you are unable to attend meetings.
  • Pay dues: $15 for returning members, $20 for new members due March 6th 
  • HPAO: Health Professions Advising Office-Are you aware of the Health Advising office? Make sure to have a file in the office, we recommend you see Gwen at least once every semester to make sure you are on track!
  • You can also request a peer mentor!
  • We will decide on February 20th regarding the bylaw proposition for HPAO office. We will need a 2/3 majority vote for this proposition to go through.
  • Walk-ins Hours with Gwen: Start tomorrow, January 31st from 4-7 PM, list is released at 3:30.

First Predental Website! Check it out! This is the link: http://pdc.sdsu.edu/

Predental Society Facebook Page: Here is the link to that: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SDSUPreDental/

Catch the Wave: Appril 22nd Sign-up for this event below! Tickets are on sale! $15 bucks, we all know we can afford that!  http://sdsucatchthewave.weebly.com/

UCSD Predental Society: Meetings are Thursday at 6:30PM at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy PSB rooms 2 & 3. The next meeting will be this coming Thursday, February 2nd. The dean of UCSF School of Dentistry will be there so, I encourage you to go if you can!
Rescue Mission Volunteer Work: Contact David Rutgarrd for more info! Email: drutgard@gmail.com

Alright everyone, that is it for now! I attached the powerpoint we were supposed to have displayed for your convenience. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! Thank you to those memebers that attended the meeting with Gwen! We appreciate it!


Best Regards,

Yoseline Vidrio
SDSU PreDental Organization
Council of Pre-Health Organization